Winning That Talent War

Nov 6, 2013 by

Winning That Talent War

Technology pros want to work on projects that matter and make a difference.  They also want to work on projects / work for companies that are bigger than they are.  Sound too idealistic?  Maybe it does but no one leaves their current, well paying job, for another well paying job simply because you offer benefits and a 401K plan.  Those are standard and expected.

Michael Morell writing at WSJ seems to agree with me,

“If you expect to entice candidates who are in high-demand, you need to define and demonstrate your company culture. New hires tend to not only succeed, but also thrive in a culture that they believe in.”

The key is attracting talent to your company that believes in you and your mission.  So the moral of the story is to tell candidates about the great, big, audacious projects they will be working on at your company.  Then they may consider you.

Oh wait, what if you aren’t working on anything big and audacious?  Well… Maybe it is time to grow your box and work on projects that matter so you can attract that top talent and make a difference.

Happy hiring!

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